Harbinger; Artist-run Space, Reykjavík, Iceland

The positioning of the works creates a context. They were produced with the space in mind, and deal with three-dim­ensional painting. Through technical and material experiments with paper and wood, the works have developed into layered paintings and patched-up sculptures. The obvious, material information in the work is intertwined into relations and systems which can be affiliated with the physical, subjective and obscure dimensions of human existence. They do not deal out concrete results, but guess at possibilites. They speak perception and tactility, rather than facts and logic. What ignited the process and influenced the making of the work was the material of which they are made, some natural phenomena and its material being, texture or light – physical perception which causes a spiritual reaction and vice versa. The work reflects the colloquial world we experience and which is formed by reactions arranged in a relational system.
Text by Eygló Harðardóttir