Visual Artist


Absorbed/Leiðsla. ASÍ Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland01
Ground Plan drawing, the making of the work: The work was drawn under hypnosis in cooperation with a professional in the field. The hypnotic suggestion was guided by questions that supported my aim, to map certain areas of the body as ground plans for buildings. The drawing is a simile; a cross section of a throat divided into variable sized areas. The text is written from my description of what I experienced and discussed while hypnotized. In a state of hypnosis the ground plan was simultaneously described in words and drawing:

a tower within me from my throat and down to the abdomen – sharp – angular – yellow like a cloud within a head – numbness in the cheek – the yellow cloud moves above the tower – becomes gentle – unites – a feel for the throat – like a ground plan filled with rooms – rather a complicated drawing – very pleasant – it doesn’t follow – need to fly above it to see the entirety – it isn’t – the outlines are not complete – all sorts of crannies – insertions – not a large central space – the space decrease closer to the border – the drawing is grey like a key – the tower goes through –EYGLO-005147_levels

Coffee and text on paper. Prediction is a traditional, metaphorical method to approach the past and future through images formed by coffee dregs.06070809
The drawings map dance movements and surroundings from the video a lady and a boy, a video I recorded in Czech Republic. An elderly lady teaches a young boy ballroom dancing in a public park. The sun is shining, they dance among the tree trunks, and the leaves flutter in the breeze. The movements of the dancing couple in nature are turned into drawings with shapes. The drawings and paintings on paper are images of remembrance. Mapping out of a translation of the video in different medium.