It’s your move / Þú átt leik

Eygló Harðardóttir’s private exhibition  features new two- and three-dimensional abstract works as well as her newest artist book “Its Your Move”, which was published at the same time as the exhibition opened in Gunnfríðargryfja. The book work is traced back to Varanasi, where Eygló stayed during an artist residency in 2019-2020. The core of the book work are layered stacks of Indian paper, bound together, made from easily obtained handmade paper, different coloured threads and ancient dyes obtained in Varanasi. Along with the Indian materials, sandpaper, velvet paper, oil and dry pastels have been added to the work during the two years of creative process in Reykjavík. “Its your move” is the meeting of two very different places on two continents that together form a multi-part and multi-layered work, where time and materials are submerged and the transformative process has its turn. Photos: Vigfús Birgisson



Café Ásmundarsalur

Café Ásmundarsalur, three paintings: Frame / Rammi, Silent witness / Þögult vitni, Change of mind / Hughvarf

The Balcony