Visual Artist

Polis 2005

2005  Polis. Galeria Design, Wroclaw, PolandPICT0062cropThe effects of war are undertones in the works, showing a different kind of refugees than the ones we see on the news every day, she shows images of tiny bats that were airborne from the mainland to Iceland decades ago. They were not always welcome, just as refugees today. But Eygló’s images show more than that, they reflect the collective unconscious and each of us sees something different in their large, coloured patterns.The unconscious has played an important part in her art, she uses images and signs of the human mind, uses system such as the Rorschach test and plays with the juxtaposition of this with images from everyday life such as newspaper images. (Extract from Ragna Sigurdardottir’s text from the catalogue of the exhibition POLIS) polis5-copy_cropDSCF0036_3